Emails to a young entrepreneur

Emails to a young entrepreneur


ISBN   978-84-15179-85-6

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Autor: Pedro Nueno Iniesta

Entrepreneurship continues to gain attention on a worldwide basis. It is the best way to renew society and to build a strong and diversified economy. Entrepreneurs follow a process: identify an opportunity, transform it into a business, stimulate it to grow. This is easier to say than to do it but, fortunately, over the years a lot of knowledge has been created which facilitates the entrepreneurship process.
Entrepreneurial knowledge includes unquestionable frameworks like the «business plan» but also builds on relevant frameworks from different business areas: valuing a company and measuring the creation of value, creating and motivating an appropriate team of people, maintaining a good relationship with partners, investors, relevant early clients.
This book addresses all these fundamental aspects of entrepreneurship adopting a new perspective to look at it: e-mails between all the parties involved. This builds on the success of the approach of a previous book: Letters to a young entrepreneur. As the shift from letters to e-mails suggests it is obvious that our society changes a lot and this change is the result and the source of entrepreneurial opportunities.


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